Insider Review on Jonsson Protein Hair Treatment

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

So 9 months more and it will be our wedding so i thought it's also time to start a beauty routine to address all the "beauty issues"! 

Hahaha these things take time you know! Especially our pre-wedding photoshoots will be done between this April-June (i think?) so got to look my best before then right?

The thing is, i've had short hair for the longest time in my life (i think i had bob-shoulder length hair for about 6 years since i snipped them off in Secondary 2?) and my hair has always been pretty thick and healthy when it was short, my current hair length is like, the longest it's ever been in my life so perhaps it's a lack of nutrients and my hair is super dry cos my hair ends are probably already "dead" from my previous ombre bleaching haha and i guess the combination of both is causing my hair to drop like nonstop?!

Only recently i feel like i'm quite a bitch haha because previously when my friend told me she's damn stressed because her hair keep dropping and I was like AIYAH WILL GROW BACK ONE LA and pretty much brushed her off. 

But only now i realize how scary it is to drop SO MUCH HAIR! I feel like the side and back of my hair is still ok, but my "crown" area feels substantially flatter and thinner!

I think after the wedding i'm going to cut my hair shorter although i really love my current hair length because it's so much fun to curl and style long hair! 

Raaah enough of my ranting, now that i got all that out, i was super relieved when the kind folks at Jonsson Protein Healthy Hair Growth offered to have me try their treatments!

Do you know 91% of protein in hair follicles can cause hair loss problem?

Wow 91%?! OMG people when you diet can cut carbs but don't cut on proteins ok!! 
Hahaha later hair no nutrients and protein then all start to fall out!!! 
(lol please ignore my advice, I anyhow say one ah.)

After a quick registration, I met my super friendly (and pretty!) consultant, Yobie who will be taking care of me today!

She did a short consultation and i told her my area of concern (oily scalp, hair fall from dry and tangly hair) and she asked me about my habits like how often do i wash my hair (everynight!) etc and proceed to clean the scanner with an alcohol swab (personal hygiene is super important and i really appreciate that small little step) imagine if the previous person had dandruff or SUPER oily scalp eeeeew.

Do you know that lack of protein in hair follicles can lead to hair thinning, brittle hair roots, weak and dry hair, increase dandruff and hair loss. – I was totally unaware so the consultation session was really enlightening!

With professional solutions for hair loss, advanced equipments and innovative protein treatments - Jonsson Protein assures to help tackle different hair problems with visible results!

Yobie did scans of the hair from 4 sections of my head, left, right, back and crown area and I saw this eeky waxy oil thing (sorry i've no idea what it's called) but basically it should not be there since i wash my hair every night, that means the sebum secretion is in overdrive and if it continues to build up it would clog my hair follicles and eventually it will cause a hair growth problem!!!

Yobie explained that today's treatment would be to do a deep cleanse and *VE protein + ampoule treatment on my scalp to thoughly remove this waxy oily substance and to condition my scalp.

This treatment has 5 main benefits:

• Cleanses oily scalp & unclogs follicles
• Encourages healthy hair growth
• Strengthens & moisturises from roots to ends
• Restores natural shine
• Improves thickness of hair

*VE protein is a kind of protein that is easily absorbed by the hair follicles.

It's quite scary, my hair fall situation is in the 2nd stage (top right) and Yobie said every 5 years it will more or less proceed to the next stage which means i could have a HUGE hairloss problem by the time i'm in my 30s!!!! Better take care of the root of the problem before it gets there! ):

Yobie gave me a quick tour of Jonsson and they even have a couple of private rooms if you're shy about doing treatments for hair growth you can totally request to be in the private room.

Sat down and they served me this yummy protein drink, quite refreshing!

Yobie started by a deep cleansing hair massage with a shampoo suitable for my oily scalp condition, i was actually feeling rather sick the day before and still feeling a little groogy and have not recovered but Yobie's hair massage skill was so so good *SUPER THUMBS UP* that i felt much revitalized!

Closing my eyes and I'm in my personal heaven while Yobie continues the scalp massage. I've never really been one to enjoy scalp massages, but wow this was amazing. Oh do you know that your scalp is way more delicate than the skin on your face? Using your fingernails to massage your scalp is a huge no-no!
After the scalp massage, Yobie rinsed my hair out with cool water as she explained that warm water will actually stimulate the sebum secretion, ooooh now i know!

After washing, she applied this ampoule it my scalp followed by the VE Protein mask and put me on this blue infar rays machine to help increase absorption.

After the treatment, a 2nd round of hair wash and blow dry, Yobie even blow dry curls for me, love it!! hehe

Did another scan to check the "progress" on my eeky waxy oily scalp situation and look!!! It's like a vast improvement la my scalp so so squeaky clean!! 
Clean healthy scalp = able to absorb the nutrients applied to the scalp for subsequent treatment ma!

I think the Jonsson Protein hair growth treatment experience has been very pleasant, treatment time is not too long and the whole procedure is comfy and the best thing is it doesn't smell bad or have a strong old school herbal scent you would imagine when you think of the typical treatment solution for hair loss, in fact I think my hair smell pretty nice the entire day after the treatment!

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Simply call 6899 1788 to make your appointment.
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Jonsson Protein, the Hair Care Expert

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[AD] Phoenix La Beaute Universal Contour Wrap

Friday, February 07, 2014

Today I went back to Phoenix La Beaute for my 2nd slimming treatment! So excited after hearing all the "have you lost weight?" "Your waist area seems slimmer!" comments after only 1 treatment of the Phoenix Lipolysis Program, i can't wait to see what my therapist have planned for me to do today!

Sat down and they mentioned they were going to do the Universal Contour Wrap for me today and gave me a glass of water prior to the treatment before i was ushered into the treatment rooms to shower before my treatment!

I was super excited to hear that i was doing the Universal Contour Wrap because I've read countless of great reviews on it online and lots of celebrities are huge fans of this wrap as well.. but the thing that piqued my interest the most is that..This treatment comes with a 6 inch loss guarantee!

They guarantee you will lose at least 6 inch in just two hours, or your money back! OMG
The inch loss guarantee is not only like oh you finish your treatment you lost your 6 inches, that's it. The guarantee lasts for 30 days (OMG?!) so you continue to benefit long after leaving the salon. 
(based of BMI above 20)

Of course, they also mention to extend the inch loss effect, a course of 3 treatments will often be enough for most women to lose A COMPLETE DRESS SIZE! (Over a course of treatments of course)

You tell me this makes you raise your eyebrows or not! Haahaha yep, that's why i couldn't wait to try this out!

Since our last trip we used the couple room, i didn't get to take picture of the ladies locker/shower room! The couple room is also for male customers as this locker room is only limited for ladies to ensure our privacy. (:

Has all the necessary hair brushes, hair dryer for use after your session so you can walk out looking pretty and confident and not all messed up!

So thoughtful of them! They even have contact lenses solution + case in case you need to remove your contacts and sleep during your slimming treatment/facial!

So my therapist measured me from top to toe and started the wrapping process which took about an hour or so just for that already, So I was wondering how does this treatment work at all and how do they boldly proclaim that they can guarantee 6 inches loss and more than that a 30 day guarantee that this inch loss will not bounce back and my therapist explained to me that..

Basically using a unique blend of mineral rich clay and specialist body wrapping techniques, it help cleanse and detoxify your body while actively compressing the soft fatty tissues, to create instant and lasting inch loss.

As my therapist wrapped me start from my leg up all the way to my chest & arms, i look like a total mummy, forgot to take a photo it's soooo funny i was so stiff since once the warm clay-soaked bandages are applied I can lie back and relax for an hour while the treatment gets to work, my therapist had to have me seated on the treatment bed and roll my leg up and over hahaha finally had a feel of how it feel like to be in a body cast! Haha

If you wanted you could do a facial during this hour as as to not waist time haha but i was contented by reading on my kindle for that one hour! 

After the one hour, my therapist removed the wrap and took my after measurements, i was peeking while she wrote down the measurements and starting to feel amazed that there was really inch loss, after which i went for a sponge bath to wipe of any remaining of the clay from the treatment and was advised to shower only tonight when i get home so that the clay still remain in my pores and continue to "work it's magic"!

To my amazement, i lost 6.6inches in total and in the before and after photo (obviously i can't post it up here too cos I'm butt naked!) i could clearly see that my butt is slightly lifted and the upper thigh area & my "love handles" is a little more curved in as compared to the before photo taken just a mere 2 hours ago!

I also brought home the 3 pcs home aftercare products to enhance the inch loss and I'm suppose to start using these products only 3-4 days after this Universal Contour Wrap treatment!

This is not a water loss treatment. In fact, it's recommend to drink water regularly after your treatment to enhance detoxification.

Universal Contour Wrap® Classic carries on working long after the treatment. After you’ve been wrapped, the special clay solution remains in the pores of the skin so the detoxification and tightening process can continue for 3 – 4 days, giving further inch loss. 

After the wrap you should also drink plenty of water to help flush and rid your body of the impurities that have been released during the wrap process.

SO SUPER EXCITED TO SEE MORE PROGRESS! My therapist who is super slim herself told me that she did this wrap and week after week for that month that she did the treatment there was still continuous inch loss AND weight loss plus she also ate normally (of reasonable amount of course, no overload of carbs and all but still got eat rice etc)

In fact, it's only been a couple of hours after the treatment and somehow i feel super energetic haha i don't know why! And i keep running to the toilet to pee! Lol but that's great, remove aaaaaaall my toxins please!

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Phoenix La Beaute is offering the below promotional prices

$38 (Usual price of $280) for 1 session of Phoenix Classic Facial Treatment
$38 (Usual Price $600) for 1 session of Phoenix Lipolysis Program
$68 (Usual price of $438) for 1 session of Universal Contour Wrap

How do you redeem this promotion? 
Simply call 67334556 to make your appointment.
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